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Operational excellence, outstanding customer experience & profitable revenue growth
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Since 2014, over a dozen companies have entrusted me with business change, business coaching, and business development projects.

Most of my clients are leading brands in home appliances and heating and ventilation.

You may not be the first to discover Chris Dunn Consulting, but you’ll be in good company.

Helping You Succeed

Delivering operational excellence, outstanding customer experience & profitable revenue growth now and into the future demands constant change.

How well you transform today dictates how well you will perform tomorrow.

I can help you achieve more rapid change and faster growth.


What’s it like to work with me?

I do everything possible to help you and your teams succeed on your own terms.

I never forget that you are the experts at your own business and my inputs are designed to help you get the results that you need.

Here’s what clients are saying about me.

Chris has been providing us with consultancy support on a range of projects over the past 3 years, delivering successful outcomes to agreed timeframes. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience and he shares this with his clients in a very unique way.

Chris Page

Commercial Operations Director, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

Chris has developed our consumer centricity culture of which we will benefit from in the years to come. A big thank you!

John Van Dongen

Vice President, Consumer Service Europe, Electrolux Major Appliances

Not only did Chris present some insightful recommendations, he actually worked together with us to implement them, bringing alive the value of our products and services whilst ensuring consumer needs were met.


Steve Purser

Managing Director, Domestic & General

Success Stories

I’ve completed over 30 individual sales and service transformation projects. Not every organisation permits me to publish a case study so I am very appreciative of those that do.

These case studies give a brief overview of the challenge that my clients faced at the beginning of the project, how we overcame that challenge together and the benefit that we jointly delivered.


Insight & Advice

As a professional consultant, it’s my mission to always be up to date with the issues and opportunities shaping customer success.

As a result, I read extensively, frequently attend webinars by leading experts, and reach out directly to organisations offering best practice solutions for direct-to-consumer businesses.

I also write a regular blog to share insight and practical advice gleaned from research as well as my own practical experience of sustainable change and profitable growth.

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I believe in sharing what I know. And doing this for free alongside paid consulting projects.

If you are looking for summary presentations, infographics, tools, or guides, head over to the resources section of this website.

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