Business Change Management

Because the only constant is change
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How Well Are You Managing Business Change?

Effective change management is a significant challenge for the majority of businesses today.

Too often, business change fails to deliver the anticipated results in spite of the best intentions of those tasked with delivering it.

Sometimes, project managers are reassigned before they can complete the change program.

Or, urgent business matters lead to delays, descoping, and even abandonment.

Clearly, effective change management requires relentless focus from project initiation to project completion.


Effective Change Management

Managing business change at the same time as ‘business as usual’ is not easy.

Especially, when it adds short-term complexity and stretches team resources.

Effective change management requires a clear separation from the management of day-to-day operations.

That’s why it pays to bring me in to work alongside you and your teams on business change to create laser focus, additional bandwidth, and specific change management know-how.

So, if you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your commercial business change programme, perhaps it’s time to engage external expertise.

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Making Change Happen

There are at least 10 different change management models used in business today.

I’m familiar with them all but I don’t slavish follow any of them.

Instead, my approach is to keep things simple.

And above all, to involve your people in all aspects of change from inception to completion.  

Typically, we’ll go through these 5 critical steps to make change happen in your organisation.

1. Prepare the vision and plan for change

2. Engage, onboard, and empower your people

3. Implement the change plan in an agile way

4. Review progress, analyze results and iterate

5. Embed changes within systems, processes, and tools

Team at desk

Through conversations with Chris, I’ve completely changed a number of things.

My business planning process, my staffing structure, and the way we look at clients and how much money they make us.

Caroline Constantine

Managing Director, Right Directions

What’s Your Biggest Change Management Challenge?

Every organisation is facing these business change challenges:

  • Accelerating digital transformation
  • Adapting to post-Covid-19 ways of working
  • Managing cost to serve whilst monetising customer interactions

You’ll find case studies of how I’ve helped businesses like yours meet challenges in these areas to create:

  • Loyalty and advocacy
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Sustainable growth and profitability

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, I can contribute to making your change management more effective and help you get results quicker.