Business Change Management

Because the only constant is change
Chris Dunn Business Change Initiation Process

Effective Business Change Management

Effective business change management is a process. One in which you need to invest, and which takes continual effort. Stronger growth, increased profits and competitive advantage reward that effort.

To ensure your business continues to grow and succeed, it needs to constantly change. For example, through digital transformation or people development.

As your business change consultant, we work with you to:

  • Identify what needs to change in your business and why
  • Align the change with your core business objectives
  • Communicate the case for business change
  • Initiate the business change process
  • Complete the transformation

Chris Dunn Consulting can help ensure that your change management process succeeds.



Objective Business Change Management

Resistance to change is inevitable. Even when there is a clearly defined business reason for change and an operational roadmap to manage that change. This is because one of the biggest obstacles is gaining emotional buy-in from those most impacted by the change.

If you are struggling with this, it can be helpful to bring in an impartial business change management consultant.

Firstly, you get an independent assessment of what needs to change. Secondly, you are seen to be objective in managing the change.

Chris Dunn Consulting can assist your teams to overcome their natural resistance to change as well as their fear of failure.

We do this in a number of ways. For instance, through effective communication. Or targeted training. And even, initiating aspects of the change program itself.

Objective Business Change Management
End to end change from red to green

End-To-End Business Change Management

Managing your business change projects at the same time as your day to day business operations can be a daunting challenge.

Too often, business change fails because organisations fail to see it through. Sometimes, project managers are re-assigned before they can complete the program. Or, pressing business matters lead to delay, postponement, and finally, abandonment.

A dedicated business change management consultant can project manage your change process from initiation to completion. As a result, your teams can stay focussed on achieving their ongoing business objectives.

Our commitment to the successful end to end delivery of your business change project is relentless.

Chris Dunn Consulting works tirelessly to ensure your business change process stays on schedule, on budget, and on the minds of everyone within your organisation.

Driving Business Change Within Your Business

Chris Dunn Consulting helps you drive productive business change.

Successful business change management projects include:

  • Contact centre restructuring
  • New business models for trade distribution
  • Digital transformation of aftermarket sales
  • Opening of direct to consumer sales channels
  • Development and launch of a branded services portfolio
  • Integrated product registration and guarantee processes
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Other Consulting Services

In addition to change management consultancy, we also provide business development consulting and business coaching services. To find out more, scroll down and access the dedicated pages for these services through the icons below:

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