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About Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable, efficient, and desirable heating and ventilation solutions. Its brands include Ability, Burco, Campa, Creda, Dimplex, Faber, Nobo, Redring, Valor, and Xpelair. 

The Business Challenge

GDHV is transforming its contact centre operations through investments in new systems and improvements to the overall customer journey.

A key component in this transformation program is the implementation of a call centre quality assurance system designed to deliver a consistently high standard of call handling matched to customer and business needs.

How Chris Dunn Consulting helped GDHV

Working with the contact centre management team and the company’s infrastructure solution providers, Chris Dunn Consulting:

  • Developed the ‘perfect call’ concept as a vehicle for natural and seemingly unscripted conversations
  • Documented the end-to-end call structure for polite and efficient customer interactions
  • Trained advisors on how best to deliver the ‘perfect call’ within the defined structure
  • Designed, tested, and calibrated quality scorecards to match the ‘perfect call’ structure
  • Implemented a review and feedback system for team leaders and their agents
  • Created training and coaching modules to drive performance improvements
  • Introduced simplified wrap-up reasons for easier call tracking
  • Supplied performance analytics and bespoke reporting

The Business Benefits

The ‘perfect call’ concept provides a clear roadmap for understanding customer needs and delivering solutions in a polite and personal manner.

It also helps advisors to become more efficient at call handling, ensuring that they stay on track even when confronted with difficult scenarios.

The quality assurance process objectively assesses agent performance against the deliverables of the ‘perfect call’.

Reporting on an agent and team basis enables managers to see clearly trends over time. It also records the impact of refresher training and ongoing coaching on call quality.

Since going live with the new call centre quality assurance system, GDHV has observed:

  • Lower average handling times
  • Decreasing numbers of repeat calls
  • Fewer escalations and complaints

GDHV’s Head of Customer Experience, Meghan Thomasson, commented:

“In March 2020, the contact centre went live with a new telephony platform. This included quality monitoring as part of the deployment. 

In anticipation of this project, Chris worked tirelessly to support my teams with workshops and alignment sessions to produce a clear set of call handling guidelines. 

This was the first time the advisors, team leaders, and management had a tangible set of tools to assist with on-call service delivery. Indeed, for many of the team, this was their introduction to contact centre quality.   

The embedment of the training and ‘perfect call’ concept could not have been possible without the expertise and support provided by Chris.

From the training delivered to the design and deployment of bespoke reporting, and finally the guidance and mentorship provided to the team leaders, Chris has managed this project extremely well.

In fact, the benefits were visible almost immediately!

Happier customers, fewer complaints, productive call occupancy is only a snippet of where improvements have been made.

Most importantly, advisor led resolutions have increased, and the team now understands the value of their role and how call handling can contribute to the overall GDHV Brand Experience.

This project would not have been so successful without Chris and his expertise.

A big thank you from GDHV for providing us the most solid foundations to build upon.

I now look forward to seeing what the team can achieve as we mature in this program”.   

Meghan Thomasson, Head of Customer Experience, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation

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