Help to Grow Mentoring

My journey as a volunteer SME mentor

​What is Help to Grow?

Help to Grow is a heavily subsidised UK Government funded programme to help SME leaders to increase productivity, seize investment opportunities and grow their businesses.

Delivered by the Chartered Association of Business Schools, Help to Grow costs just £750 and includes ten 1:1 mentoring sessions with an experienced business professional.

Mentorship is a key component of the Help to Grow Programme that supports both personal and professional development for CEOs and senior managers within small and medium-sized companies throughout the UK.

Why I Volunteered to Mentor on the Help to Grow Programme

Helping others to grow is an amazing feeling.

That’s why I volunteered as a mentor for the UK Government’s Help to Grow Programme.

You help others become better at business, develop their skills and contribute more to the wider economy.

And you support them in developing better relationships and stronger organisational cultures.

If you want to give back to your local business community, you might find Help to Grow to be a really rewarding experience.

This short video and these articles published in the Business Leader Magazine and on the Enterprise Nation website give more details on my own journey mentoring on the Help to Grow programme.

Are You Interested in Obtaining Mentoring Support?

If you’re a leader of an SME and have yet to experience the benefits of mentoring, why not book a call with me?

I’d be happy to take you through options for how to access professional mentoring to help you grow your business.

Not yet ready to take this step?

Here’s more information on business mentoring to help you decide.