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Business Development

Hoover Candy is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of household appliances, ranging from vacuum cleaners to washing machines. In the UK the business employs over 450 people, many of them in its service division which provides spare parts, accessories, and repairs to consumers during the manufacturer’s warranty period and beyond.  

The Business Challenge  

Hoover Candy, with its business partner Domestic & General, offers a range of repair protection plans. These plans provide customers with peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown their product will be repaired or replaced by Hoover Candy’s own highly skilled teams.  

Although sales of protection plans were growing strongly, Hoover Candy and Domestic & General planned to accelerate this growth through process, product, and people development.  

How Chris Dunn Consulting helped Hoover Candy  

Working closely with commercial and contact centre management at Hoover Candy and Domestic & General, Chris Dunn Consulting:  

1. Reviewed the in and out of warranty repair journey for customers. Then, suggested process improvements to route repair enquiries to specialist teams  

2. Identified gaps in the suite of repair protection plans, and recommended complementary products to better address consumer requirements

3. Supported the launch of these new protection products

4. Evaluated the structure and performance of the contact centre sales teams. As a result of the evaluation, recommended changes to improve call handling and sales presentation  

5. Restructured reporting, training and incentives to drive compliant and consistent sales 

6. Provided project management services to facilitate the overall business change process   

The Business Benefits 

Hoover Candy’s repair protection plan sales were already growing at the beginning of the business change project.

By the end of the project, the rate of growth had doubled as a result of:  

1. Additional plans sales from the launch of 3 new repair protection products  

2. An increased proportion of calls handled by the specialist repair protection team

3. An increase in sales conversion from all specialist advisors    

The growth acceleration plan has been achieved and a strong platform for future sales growth is now in place.  

Hoover Candy’s Service Commercial Manager, Simon Skinner, commented:  

“Chris has an excellent understanding of our business and worked tirelessly to ensure that he delivered on his commitments to us. Our new structure is working well from a customer journey point of view and is delivering consistently strong sales”. 

Hoover Candy’s Service Commercial Manager, Simon Skinner

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