Expert business consulting services tailored to your exact needs

Business Consulting Services to Help You Succeed on Your Terms

Need support with business change management, business development, or business coaching?

Chris Dunn Consulting provides expert consulting services.


Business Change Management

The only constant is change. As a result, even the most successful business model is temporary. Too often, organisations change too slowly. We keep you moving forward because lasting success comes from effective business change management.

“Not only did Chris present some insightful recommendations, he actually worked together with us to implement them, bringing alive the value of our products and services whilst ensuring consumer needs were met.”

Steve Purser, Sales Director – Domestic & General

“Qualtex has been able to increase the effectiveness of its sales organisation, develop its key account program and grow its share of the UK parts market. Chris is a highly competent business consultant.”

Richard Storah, Finance Director – Qualtex

Business Development

Growth is a must if your business is going to continue to be successful. Chris Dunn Consulting helps you define and implement the right business development strategy for your organisation. One that ensures you avoid common pitfalls and get better and faster results.

Business Coaching

Every businessperson benefits from business coaching. This is why our consulting projects often include formal or informal coaching to underpin their success long-term. We bring in an outsider’s perspective. This helps you to challenge assumptions, embrace new challenges and get lasting results, faster.

“Having worked with Chris on multiple occasions, I can highly recommend him. Chris is a highly thoughtful, knowledgeable advisor and sounding board who is both results and process driven. I value his integrity and inclusive style of working through challenges.”

Ferrie Van Echtelt, Commercial Director – Skillsnap

Do you really need consulting services?

It’s a fair question. After all, few people know your current business as well as you and your team.

However, most organisations need to change so that they can:

  • improve their core processes to remain competitive
  • gain insight into new market opportunities to continue growing
  • train and coach their key staff to drive better business performance

This expertise, experience, knowledge, and bandwidth may not be available within your company, particularly if you need to manage change or develop new business.

The right business consultancy firm will ensure that they share their knowledge, insight, and experience with you and your team so that you can succeed on your terms.

Business consultancy services may, therefore, be essential for your future business success.

What makes Chris Dunn Consulting different from some other consultancy firms?

We are a small consultancy firm but with deep experience of helping clients to unlock real opportunities to transform and grow. We are  genuinely independent and impartial

Seeking insight and inspiration to take your business to the next level?

We help you free up your thinking, reframe problems and develop new approaches to your business challenges.

Looking for an independent perspective on how best to change and grow your business?

We provide an unbiased assessment of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to your objectives and best practice business models.

In need of impartial advice or an external partner to implement your business change or business development plans?

We help you prioritise and follow through on projects that will deliver the maximum benefit to your business.

Need help to?

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve profitability
  • Map customer journeys
  • Maximise sales efficiency
  • Improve business processes
  • Monetise customer contacts
  • Benchmark/audit performance
  • Develop new products and services

Chris Dunn Consulting offers the right consulting services to help you succeed on your terms.