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How Close Are You To Service Excellence?

Some service organisations achieve outstanding customer experience but run at a loss.

Others make money but fail to fully meet their customers’ needs.

Most sit somewhere in the messy middle.

Sometimes even ending up with the worst of all worlds: A negative P&L and a negative NPS score.

Your Objective

To hit that elusive “sweet spot” of operating efficiently, making a profit, and satisfying customers you need to fully align your commercial and customer experience objectives.

It goes without saying that this requires an “outside-in” approach.

You’ll make changes to how you deliver service based on what your customers really want and need as opposed to what you think they need or what you believe you can afford to provide.


You’ll add value by offering new products and services that your customers will happily buy from you generating additional revenue and future repeat purchases.

Your operational efficiency will also improve as you invest in systems, processes, and tools to serve customers better in an increasingly digital environment.


How I Can Help

To achieve your objective, you’ll need to sharpen your focus on:

Business change management, business development, and business coaching.

None of these is easy to achieve.

Studies consistently show that 70% of all change management initiatives ultimately fail.

In addition, service organisations are not always structured in a way that drives consistent business development.

Finally, finding the time to train and coach your key people on new ways of working while managing your operation can be extremely challenging.

That’s where my expertise built up over a combined 35 years working both as a commercial leader and an independent consultant can help you to succeed where others may be struggling.


Consulting Services

Sometimes your biggest challenges demand an outside perspective and external expertise.

You can rely on me to support you as needed from receiving impartial advice during your free initial consultation to detailed improvement recommendations right through to hands-on project management.

Find out how I can help you and your team in these 3 key areas:

Free Resources & Insight

Not everyone is able to access consultancy support.

However, in my experience, most sales and service professionals still appreciate a little outside help.

That’s why I’ve put together a library of useful information to help you as you develop your customer experience and your service business.

So, please do head over to the resources section of this website where you can freely download helpful and relevant content.

I write a regular blog with fresh insight and advice on the challenges you need to overcome to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment.

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