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What’s the Right Business Support To Help You Grow?

You’re looking for external business support to help you sharpen your focus on managing change and developing business.

However, you’ve not yet decided if you need a consultant, coach, or mentor.

Now, you could bring in a business consultant for a critical project needing specific expertise that your organisation lacks and cannot easily hire.

Or you might be considering a business coach to help you view issues from different angles so that you can move forward in a new direction.

But, perhaps, a business mentor is what you really need: that experienced and trusted confidant who acts as a ‘sounding board’ to facilitate personal and professional growth.

A Unique Blend of Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring To Meet Your Needs

Wouldn’t it be great if one person could fulfil all three roles and move effortlessly between them as the need arises?

That’s where my unique offering of a blend of consulting, coaching, and mentoring truly differentiates Chris Dunn Consulting from other business service providers.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a narrow choice between coaching and consulting.

By working with me, you can have the best of all worlds.

Because you gain access to a professional business consultant, a qualified executive coach, and an experienced business mentor with considerable expertise built up over a career spanning more than 35 years.

Specific Business Support Projects

I can support you with all aspects of your business development where your desired outcome is improved customer experience and increased revenues.

Over the past nine years, I’ve also run successful projects to support positive and productive people and process change.

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Flexible Business Support When & Where You Need It Most

As an independent business consultant, executive coach, and professional mentor with broad skills and deep expertise, I can be flexible both in the services I offer and the way that I deliver them.

Depending on the type of engagement, I can either work on-site with you and your teams or remotely. Or, as is usual now, a combination of both.

In summary, I help when you have a need for specific expertise, experience, knowledge, and bandwidth that may not be available from your own internal resources.

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Let’s Discuss Your Business Support Needs


What’s the perfect blend of consulting, coaching, and mentoring to help you achieve your change management and business development goals?

The best way to find out is to discuss them with me in a free and confidential discovery call.

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Ps: As a Growth Works Expert, I may be able to secure for you a 50% grant towards the cost of consulting, coaching, or mentoring services provided that you are based in Cambridgeshire and using my services to help you grow your business.