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What Business Mentoring Is & Why You Might Need It

Business mentoring is a process where a seasoned business professional works with a business owner or a senior manager to:

  • Act as a sounding board for issues and opportunities
  • Listen from a position of experience and empathy
  • Offer independent guidance and feedback
  • Share knowledge, expertise, and relevant contacts
  • Be a trusted confidant 

Regardless of how successful you are as a business leader, there is always a benefit to having the support of a ‘go-to’ person from outside the company as you tackle the twin challenges of professional and business development.

In fact, 82% of companies surveyed by Mentoring Matters state that they are interested in accessing mentoring.

If now is the right time for you to find a business mentor, read on to find out how I can help.


Finding the Right Business Mentor

Finding a mentor is not always easy.

Ideally, you’ll want to engage with a business professional with experience of being a leader in a business similar to your own.

More than that, you’re looking for a mentor who’s genuinely interested in you as a person as well as you as a business leader.

Finally, integrity and trust are critical elements of any mentoring relationship.

Anyone can call themselves a mentor, but has that person received formal training as a mentor?

Does the European Coaching and Mentoring Council accredit him/her?

Is he/she a full member of the Association of Business Mentors, the only professional mentoring organisation in the UK that fully vets its members?

Rest assured that I am a full member of the ABM and accredited by the EMCC as a senior practitioner, so you can be confident in my mentoring experience and expertise. 

My Business Mentor Credentials

My own business career stretches back more than 35 years working in a variety of different industries in the UK and internationally, both B2B and B2C.

I worked for medium and large companies before setting up my own small business nearly a decade ago.

You can be sure that I understand what it’s like to be both a senior manager in someone else’s business and the owner of my own business.

I am an ILM 7 Qualified Executive and Senior Level Coach and Mentor with over 20 years of mentoring experience.

My credentials include:

1) Mentoring ‘high potential’ young managers within a large organisation.

2) Acting as an MBA mentor at Cambridge Judge Business School.

3) Mentoring on the UK Government’s Help to Grow Programme.

4) Being a full member of the ABM and the EMCC.


With his vast experience, Chris became a mentor to me, and I learned a lot from him in terms of aftermarket sales strategy, business development, and change management among many other things.

His professional attitude and pleasant personality were appreciated throughout the company.

Highly recommended!

Stefan Åhlstedt

CC Sales Manager - Europe, Electrolux

The Added Value of Business Mentoring

As your business mentor, I help you work through business issues that are causing you concern.

You can also bounce ideas off me.

Together we can critically evaluate the potential risks and rewards of any actions you’re contemplating.

Of course, business mentoring does not relieve you of the responsibility for business strategy or the burden of decision-making.

However, having a business mentor generally provides you with an alternative viewpoint and a critical appraisal.

Other times, business mentoring opens up an unexplored opportunity or creates new personal and business connections that promote faster change and stronger growth.

Let’s Find Out if I’m the Right Mentor for You

If you’re thinking about bringing in a business mentor and wondering if I might be a good fit for you, then the best way of finding out is to talk to me about your specific challenges.

Book your discovery call to see how well I understand you and your business challenges and inspire your confidence and trust. 

If you are looking for executive mentoring, I offer a competitively priced 6-session programme tailored to your exact needs.

More details can be found on the executive coaching and mentoring section of this website.