Business Development

Because business growth is a must

Are Your Revenues Growing Profitably and Sustainability?

Business development can be challenging – especially in an aftermarket business.

With the convergence of new technologies and market disruption, I understand the obstacles you may be facing.

And yet with disruption comes new opportunity.

That’s why now may be exactly the right time to re-evaluate your business development strategy.

I can help you make the best strategic choices for profitable and sustainable growth.

Moreover, I can work with your team on implementation to ensure you avoid common pitfalls and get better and faster results.


Best Business Development Strategies

The best business development strategies put the consumer at the heart of your business.

The good news is that consumers are seeking a closer, direct relationship with brands they trust.

Increasingly you build and nurture this relationship digitally. And integrate your traditional phone and field-based activities with online sales and support.

I help you generate increased revenues by:

  • Building in the right commercial offers at the correct points in your consumer’s digital journey
  • Extending your services portfolio to adequately capture opportunities such as subscription services, preventative maintenance, and add-on sales
  • Leveraging your ongoing relationship with consumers to increase your D2C sales – including selling finished products
  • Making the most of B2B partnerships to generate revenues from third party consumer contacts

Putting Business Development into Practice

Business development is not the same as sales.

Growing your top line incrementally by increasing your prices or improving your sales conversions is part of your day-to-day challenge.

By contrast, business development is the search for entirely new ways of creating value.

For example, through innovation, improved use of technology, or external partnerships.

Business development is exciting. And it can be game-changing.

That’s why the first step of a business development project is often a brainstorming event where we explore the best ideas from across and outside the organisation.

The next step is to prioritise based on agreed criteria such as business value and strategic fit.

Finally, together we create and implement a lean business development plan.


Achieving Sustainable Results

What should work “in theory” sometimes falls flat “in practice”.

Service businesses like yours are ideally placed to build and test new service offerings directly with your customers.

Adopting an Agile approach to business development decreases your short-term risk and maximises your long-term chances of success.

Prototyping in this way has helped clients to:

  • Understand the likely operational impact of commercial activities on their cost to serve
  • Identify gaps in their service portfolios and capture additional opportunities
  • Assess the capability of service staff to make product offers following training
  • Test the willingness of customers to self-serve digitally

As a result, they’ve been able to learn at a relatively low cost what works and what doesn’t from a commercial, customer experience and operational point of view.

Other Consulting Services

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