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Flogging a Dead Horse
Cartoon of American cavalry officer refusing to dismount a dead horse

Are you flogging a dead horse? Business growth is fuelled by innovation, creativity and daring to be different. But many once great companies are flat lining or have even gone into reverse. Senior managers cling on to outdated business models, seeking marginal gains from “tried and tested”, but no longer...

Small Business Success – Ten Tips for New Entrepreneurs
New entrepreneurs celebrating small business success

Many start-up businesses fail within 5 years. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst there is no secret recipe for success, you can definitely improve your chances by following these ten simple tips: Tip 1 – Be clear on your vision and values Be in business for a...

International Business English – Why We Brits Need to Learn It!
Misunderstanding English in International Business

Business English is the international language of business, born in Britain, and yet: When it comes to meetings conducted in English with different nationalities, it is the British themselves that others often find the most difficult to understand. Why? Because we don’t always say what we mean! We sometimes speak...

How to Design & Build a Stunning Website
Image of website design

How many of us would describe ourselves as a computer geek, a website guru or a master of social media? Very few I would imagine and yet - just like me and many others - you've probably found yourself as a stakeholder or manager of a mission-critical digital project and...

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