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3 Big Issues When Working from Home

Like it or loathe it, working from home is the new normal. At least for the foreseeable future. The internet is awash with advice on how to effortlessly work from home. I've even thrown my hat into the ring here with my top 15 tips for working from home. Helpful as...
How to Manage Change at a Time of Crisis

How to Manage Change at a Time of Crisis

Managing change is hard at the best of times. How you manage change at a time of crisis is critical. Within the space of three short months, coronavirus has turned the world on its head. Overnight, the old certainties are gone. Carefully made plans lie in tatters....

What Price Customer Loyalty?

What Price Customer Loyalty?

In 1964 The Beatles sang “Money can’t buy me love”. 50 years on it is clear that money can’t buy loyalty either. Businesses around the globe have spent large sums of money on loyalty programmes but very often they just don’t seem to work very well at all. Why is this?...

3 Ways Smart Manufacturers Make More Money with Service

3 Ways Smart Manufacturers Make More Money with Service

For manufacturers the smart way of making more money is through service. Indeed, the days of competing on product innovation alone are long gone. When Apple, one of the best product companies on the planet, announced in 2016 that it makes more money from services than...

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