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Effectiveness and Efficiency – How to Strike the Right Balance

Have you hit the “sweet spot” of combining effectiveness and efficiency for peak performance? The late, great Peter Drucker, defined efficiency as doing things right and effectiveness as doing the right things. We all have a natural bias towards one or the other....
Winning Teams Do These 5 Things Brilliantly

Winning Teams Do These 5 Things Brilliantly

We all want to be part of winning teams, don’t we? But in today’s ultra-competitive business environment, winning has never been more difficult. Football is big business. Nowhere is more competitive than the Premier League. So, what can you learn from this season’s...

What’s Your 2020 Vision?

What’s Your 2020 Vision?

Do you have 2020 vision? Does it feels like there is something magical about the year to come? Could it be the symmetry of numbers? Or the dawn of a new decade? Or the simple promise of a fresh start on this New Year’s Day? Whatever the reason, it is time to look...

Business Acronyms – How to Avoid/Decode Them

Business Acronyms – How to Avoid/Decode Them

Business acronyms are everywhere Are you ITK? Or could you do with a little help? An exasperated Elon Musk famously wrote:  "Acronyms Seriously Suck!" Why? Because acronyms can be a barrier to effective communication. If you are in the know "(ITK"), they can be...

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