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How to Design & Build a Stunning Website
Image of website design

How many of us would describe ourselves as a computer geek, a website guru or a master of social media? Very few I would imagine and yet - just like me and many others - you've probably found yourself as a stakeholder or manager of a mission-critical digital project and...

Listen to Your Customers or Risk Losing Them Forever
Picture of listen to your customers

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" (Bill Gates) Do you listen to your customers? Does their voice carry into the upper echelons of your business? Do you take action to make a positive difference? The answers to all of the above should be a resounding “yes”....

Risk Versus Reward. What is the Right Decision?
Picture of risk versus reward England risked a line out and driving maul Wales defended the maul and repeated the reward

"You win the game and you're a hero, you make the wrong call and you're a zero" This was the post-match judgement of Wales Rugby Union Coach, Warren Gatland, on England’s decision to go for the glory of a match-winning try rather than a score-levelling penalty kick in the dying...

10 Steps to Building a Product Support Business
Image showing a 10 steps up a ladder

Some consumers love product support packages as a way of buying into a closer, ongoing relationship their favourite brands. Deeper customer engagement and increased customer loyalty represent the “holy grail” of customer experience marketing. Smart companies match their customers’ needs for instant information and rapid repair response with their own...

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