How Well Equipped Are You To Lead Change?

21st November 2023Business Coaching


The pace of change is accelerating.

Whether it’s adopting new technologies, adapting to new market trends, or embarking on personal and professional transitions, change can often feel unrelenting and sometimes even overwhelming.

But change also brings opportunities for personal, professional, and business growth when you have a growth mindset and the support of an experienced and qualified executive coach.

Coaching as a Catalyst for Change

A new study by the International Coach Federation ICF) and Human Capital Institute (HCI) demonstrates the vital role coaching can play in ensuring the success of an organisation’s change management initiatives.

That’s because coaching serves as a catalyst for change, helping leaders overcome challenges, uncover their true potential, and ultimately achieve personal and professional success.

Chris Dunn is an ILM 7 qualified Executive Coach and Senior Level Mentor and an EMCC accredited Coach/Mentor working as a Senior Practitioner.

So, How Exactly Do I Support Your Change Leadership Capability?

When you partner with me as your executive coach, I work with you to support learning and growth in five key areas.:


Change can sometimes leave us feeling uncertain about the future.

I provide you with a safe space to explore your vision, values, and mission, enabling you to gain clarity about the way forward.

What’s more, I ask the questions others may be afraid to ask, challenge the assumptions that may be holding you back, and help you see possibilities you may have overlooked.


With clarity comes action.

As you translate your change leadership vision into an action plan, I act as your accountability partner, working with you as you break down complex challenges into manageable tasks with clearly defined deliverables.

Leading business transformations is hard even for the most capable leaders which is why I’m also available as a sounding board, keeping you focused and motivated as you make progress.


Self-belief must win out over self-doubt for change to succeed.

So, I also help you identify, challenge, and overcome limiting beliefs that might otherwise derail progress so that you and your business can thrive in the face of change.


Rapid change often requires reskilling. The tools and techniques that served you well in the past may not be as effective in the future.

As your coach, I can help you pinpoint the specific skills you need to develop to maximise your effectiveness as a leader in a changing environment.

In addition, I can also work with you to identify knowledge gaps in your team and more widely in your organisation so that you can build a tailored development plan fit for the future.


Leading transformations takes courage. Obstacles and setbacks are inevitable.

However, with my support, you can build your resilience and perseverance.

Coaching is not a sign of weakness but a source of strength that enables you to reframe setbacks as learning opportunities and develop your mental toughness in the face of unrelenting change.

In Summary

Leading change is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership.

Coaching supports executives and senior managers throughout all phases of the change management process.

If you are looking for executive coaching, I offer a competitively priced 6-session programme tailored to your exact needs.

More details can be found on the executive coaching and mentoring section of this website.   

I look forward to working with you on your journey of transformation and growth.