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Ever wondered what makes you perform at your very best?

There are two essential elements that underpin peak performance. These are:

1. Energy

2. Engagement

Energy and engagement come from doing more of the things that you’re naturally good at and that reflect your preferred way of working and interacting.

In other words, energy and engagement are a direct result of your natural inclinations or ‘proclivities’.

Unlike your skills and your personality, your proclivities remain largely hidden from yourself and from the people you interact with.

But now there’s a ‘cool’ tool (Gartner’s words, not mine!) that lets you understand what energises and engages you.

It’s a rigorously tested framework with high results accuracy that enables individuals, teams, and complete organisations to truly maximise impact.

This framework is called the GC Index.


What is the GC Index and how does it work?

The GC Index is an ‘organimetric’.

It reveals your unique profile among 100,000 different combinations of the 5 proclivities that determine how you bring your energy for impact in the business environment.

Moreover, these 5 proclivities are directly linked to the high-level business cycle that underpins the innovation, strategy, and operations of all organisations.

All businesses regardless of size, scale, or sector need:

1. Game changers to create original ideas

2. Strategists to make sense of ideas

3. Playmakers to bring ideas to life through people

4. Implementers to make ideas happen

5. Polishers to make ideas brilliant


Why should you be interested in the GC Index?

The GC Index is quite simply ‘game changing’.

It’s a powerful tool that unlocks the hidden potential in people, enabling them to maximise their impact on the business strategy.

What makes the GC Index unique is that it works for individuals, for teams, and for entire organisations. Moreover, it has applications across all business activities.

Over 300 fully trained GC Partners are on hand to help with these multiple applications and are actively supporting more than 4000 organisations throughout the world.

Find out more by watching the explainer video.

Want to experience the GC Index?

The GC Index will answer 3 key questions:

1. What are your predominant proclivities?

2. How do these proclivities drive your energy and engagement?

3. How can you raise your performance and that of your teams in a positive, productive, and people-centric way?

Chris Dunn Consulting is a GC Index Partner and can provide both individual and team impact reviews.

Simply email me or call me, complete the online questionnaire, and then book an online discovery call with me to reveal your own unique profile.

You’ll be amazed at what you discover about yourself and how to maximise your work performance.