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What Business Coaching Is & Why You Might Need It

Business coaching is a series of structured conversations focussing on a particular business challenge or opportunity.

Using techniques such as questioning, active listening, observing,  and summarising, I help managers, senior managers and leaders to:

  • Gain increased clarity
  • Trigger accelerated learning
  • Make change and growth happen

No matter how competent, capable, and successful you and your teams are, there may be times when you might get stuck.

For example, you might be too close to a particular problem and need to look at issues from a wider perspective or a different angle.

Or, you might be faced with a dramatic shift in your business environment where your current ways of thinking and working are no longer as effective as they used to be.

In such circumstances, bringing in a business coach can help you and your teams move forward with increased clarity, confidence, and creativity.


Formal Coaching Assignments

Formal business coaching takes place within a flexible framework that I tailor to your exact needs.

As your business coach, I:

1. Meet with you to agree on the exact purpose of the assignment, the desired business outcomes, and the nature and frequency of our sessions together.

2. Hold regular coaching sessions using proven techniques to help you clarify issues and identify the best way forward.

3. Support you as you pursue your action plan leaning on new ways of thinking and changed ways of working.

At all stages of our coaching journey, I review progress against your desired business outcomes.

I also identify sources of ongoing self-support to help you maintain momentum between sessions.



Informal Coaching Arrangements

Informal business coaching normally takes place as part of a larger business development or change management project.

You bring me in to help you achieve stronger growth or faster change in a specific area of your business.

I apply my expertise and experience learned through solving similar issues to the business challenges that you are now facing.

Crucially, I then transfer this know-how to you and your team to ensure you become fully competent and confident in using the new tools and techniques that we develop together.

This informal business coaching takes place naturally through a practical “learning through doing” approach.

When your project moves to business as usual you can be assured that you’ll have acquired the competence and confidence to generate further momentum and secure stronger results without the need for ongoing support.

Chris Dunn sat down with employee and laptop

Chris has been a great resource for both my team’s development and my own.

He takes time to understand the business situation and context and enables people to form their own strategies for success, bringing suitable tools and challenges to enable change.

Jon Kemp

Managing Director, Scintacor Ltd

Working With You As Your Business Coach

I am an ILM 7 Qualified Executive and Senior Level Coach and Mentor.

You and your teams get the benefit of:

  • EMCC recognised tools and frameworks
  • Flexible arrangements tailored to your exact needs
  • Business-focused outcomes

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    Looking to Explore Your Business Coaching Options?

    Business coaching can take place in many different forms and formats.

    I can coach individuals or groups.

    Sessions can be held in person or online.

    Or, you may find it beneficial to adopt a hybrid approach of face-to-face business coaching interspersed with sessions conducted on Teams or by telephone.

    I am entirely flexible in my approach.

    If you are looking for executive coaching, I offer a competitively priced 6-session programme tailored to your exact needs. More details can be found in the executive coaching section of this website.