Business Coaching

Practical and actionable coaching tailored to your exact needs

Why Bother With Business Coaching?

Why would a business consultant such as me offer business coaching?

After all, business consulting and business coaching are fundamentally different.

Consulting is about sharing my know-how, experience, advice, and best practice tools to help you build consumer-centricity and revenues from your service business.

Coaching, on the other hand, helps you build the in-house skills and capabilities needed to continue to succeed in the future.

Combining business coaching and business consulting is a powerful way of gaining increased momentum and sustainable results.

It’s also the approach I use to help you bridge knowledge and experience gaps at the same time as you move forward with improved customer experience and aftermarket profitability.


Business coaching is a natural part of project delivery

You bring me in to help you achieve faster results on specific customer experience and monetisation projects.

I apply my expertise and experience learned through solving similar issues to the business challenges that you are now facing.

Crucially, I transfer this know-how to your team members to ensure that they are fully competent and confident in using the new tools and techniques that we develop together.

This coaching takes place naturally through a practical “learning through doing” approach.

When your project moves to business as usual you can be assured that your team will have acquired the necessary skills to drive a significant uplift in performance.

Examples of Business Coaching

Over the last 7 years I’ve carried out all the following coaching activities:

1) Fast-track induction programmes to help managers new to their commercial service roles

2) One to one mentoring of high potential talent

3) Workshop facilitation including service strategy sessions, business improvement sprints, and external partner presentations

Additionally, I have developed and delivered, in-person and remotely, soft skills and sales training.

The objective here is always to provide tried and tested materials and “train the trainer” support to enable your own in-house teams to effectively upskill others as required.

Chris Dunn sat down with employee and laptop

The Added-Value of Coaching

I work with you on a “done with you” rather than a “done for you” basis.

Your teams get the benefit of:

  • 35 years practical business experience
  • Bespoke tools and frameworks
  • 10 years experience as a CVP mentor at Cambridge Judge Business School

At the end of our project together your team will have acquired the necessary skillsets to take full ownership as you progress to the next level.

However, you can always call me back as and when the need arises.

For example, when you have:

  • New starters


  • Additional projects

Other Consulting Services

In addition to business coaching services,  I also provide business development consulting and change management consultancy. To find out more, scroll down and access the dedicated pages for these services through the icons below:

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