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Business Consulting That Powers Change & Growth

The pace of change is accelerating and new opportunities to grow are opening up more quickly than ever before.

How well your company manages change determines how quickly your business grows.

This is the exact reason why my business consulting specialises in change management and business development.

Why would you work with a business consultant on mission-critical growth and transformation projects?

The short answer is that I can help you to achieve faster transformation and stronger growth.

Having direct experience with challenges and opportunities similar to yours, I can often identify and implement new ways of creating value more effectively than your own teams working on projects without external support.


How I Facilitate Faster Growth

Growing a business can be a major challenge.

Even, when you have detailed market knowledge and a clear understanding of the current competitive position.

In my experience, companies often continue to attempt to grow through incremental changes.

These marginal gains, whilst welcome, inevitably lead to slower growth until either the market is disrupted or the business development strategy needs to change.

This is where I come in.

I help you free up your thinking, reframe problems and develop new approaches to your business development challenges.

I offer an external perspective that allows you to solve problems that you may be too close to so that you can build a stronger platform for future business growth.

My Approach to Making Business Change Happen

According to management consultants, McKinsey, a staggering 70% of business change initiatives end in failure.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m an expert at making change happen.

Let me work alongside you to help you:

  • Create your overarching vision for change
  • Communicate the need to change and  the benefits that the business transformation will bring

You can find more detail on my approach to change management and the types of projects I run here.


Having worked with Chris on multiple occasions, I can highly recommend him.

Chris is a highly thoughtful, knowledgeable advisor and sounding board who is both results and process driven.

He is the person you’d want to bring in on mission-critical commercial and service change projects.

I value his integrity and inclusive style of working through challenges.

Ferrie Van Echtelt

Founder, Making Ventures Work

Why Choose Me As Your Business Consultant?

I offer flexible and cost-efficient expertise to help you get results quicker.

You get the instant benefit of:

  • 35 years of practical business experience
  • 9 years of continuous business change and development consulting
  • 30 successfully completed projects
  • Proven tools and frameworks

Crucially, I also transfer my know-how to your team members to ensure that they are fully competent and confident in using appropriate tools and techniques fir business change and business development.

This informal coaching takes place naturally through a practical “learning through doing” approach.


Interested in Business Consulting To Help You Grow Your Business?

If you’re interested in bringing in external expertise to support your business transformation or your business development, please book an online discovery call.

I’m genuinely interested in your challenges and opportunities.

Looking forward to talking with you soon.