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What Business Development Is and What It Is Not

“What is business development?”Business development is not the same as sales, marketing, or business strategy.Business development aims primarily to drive long-term profitable growth through entirely new ways of working. In this way, it innovates and creates lasting value.If you want a deeper understanding of the role of business development or are planning a future career as a business developer, read this article
3 Big Issues When Working from Home

3 Big Issues When Working from Home

Like it or loathe it, working from home is the new normal. At least for the foreseeable future. The internet is awash with advice on how to effortlessly work from home. I've even thrown my hat into the ring here with my top 15 tips for working from home. Helpful as...

How to Make Service Pay

How to Make Service Pay

How do you make service pay? Integrate it within your sales and marketing programs! Not so long ago it used to be that service was strictly “back office”. On the other hand, branding and marketing communications were very much “front of house". This was before the...

How to Manage Change During a Crisis

How to Manage Change During a Crisis

Managing change is hard at the best of times. How you manage change at a time of crisis is critical. Within the space of three short months, coronavirus has turned the world on its head. Overnight, the old certainties are gone. Carefully made plans lie in tatters....

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