Team Training

Is Your Approach Paying Off?

Team Training

Team training is an essential part of any change management or business development program.

Training involves the sharing of knowledge, teaching skills, and facilitating behavioural change to enable business objectives to be met.

For training to be effective it needs to be followed up by regular coaching sessions to help team members to apply their newly acquired skills and behaviours in their day-to-day work.

How I Can Help With Your Team Training

Team training is a critical enabler for improved customer service and increased sales.

The acquisition of soft skills such as active listening, non-verbal communication, and empathy is the foundation for outstanding customer experience.

Happy customers can lead to more sales but only if your teams can identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. And present products and services in the right way.

For customer service teams that are not required to sell, I work with you to develop and deliver training that ensures your teams are able to actively listen to consumers’ needs, identify problems and resolve them with compassion and empathy.

For customer service teams that are also required to sell, I weave in selling skills that help consumers to buy with confidence as a natural part of the service interaction.

My Approach to Training

Training is not just about transferring knowledge. It also involves helping your teams to acquire this knowledge in the way that best suits their learning styles.

For this reason, I work with you and your teams to develop bespoke materials that work best in your environment whether this is virtual or face-to-face.

Next, I test the training material on selected members of your target audience, obtain their feedback, and adapt it to ensure that it is simple to learn, absorb, and apply on the job.

Then, I run “train the trainer” sessions designed to guide your trainers on how best to use the materials.

After training delivery, I follow up with your trainers and modify further based on their feedback and that of the trainees.

As a next step, I help your trainers and first-line sales managers to provide regular coaching and refresher training to support their team members to correctly apply new skills and behaviours in their daily activities.

Finally, I review training outcomes with you. After all, it’s vital to connect training to measurable business results such as:

  • Higher sales
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores

Team Training Successes

Over the last 7 years, I’ve developed and delivered bespoke training in the following areas:

1.  Empathy and rapport

2.  Mindset, language, and actions

3.  Resolution ownership

4.  Consumer rights

5.  Value selling

6.  Contact centre sales

7.  Field service technician sales

Are you achieving measurable improvements in your service and sales?

Is your training approach fit for the future?

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