Customer Journey Mapping

Are you ready to walk in your customers' shoes?

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a process that enables you to navigate and document the steps that a customer has to take to achieve a goal when interacting with your organisation.

This goal could be obtaining information, purchasing a product, requesting service, or leaving feedback. Or any other purpose that brings the customer into contact with your company in any of the channels they choose to use.

By walking these journeys in your customers’ shoes, you see more clearly inconsistencies, pain points, and gaps in your service delivery.

Therefore, documenting these journeys provides a powerful visual overview of the customer’s path to achieving their goal with obstacles that stand in their way.

Indeed, customer journey mapping is sometimes the first time that colleagues from across departments such as marketing, sales, and service see the complete end-to-end process for fulfilling customer needs.

As such, it’s an important initial step in many CX improvement programs.

This Hubspot Guide goes into more detail about how to create customer journey maps.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

The biggest benefit of customer journey mapping is being able to visualise the number of journeys, the interaction or disconnection between touchpoints, and unintended consequences for customer effort of internal company silos and disjointed systems.

Indeed, seeing your organisation through the eyes of your customers helps you to better understand their needs.

As a result, you can start to remove the blockers that prevent them from achieving their goals.

How I Can Help With Your Customer Journeys

When mapping customer journeys it can be helpful to have an external facilitator.

Someone who understands the goals that your customers set out to achieve. As well as having a good understanding of how you stack up against your peers.

I’ve worked with sales, service, and marketing teams in the home appliance and HVAC sectors not only to help them map processes but also to suggest process improvements.

Examples of Customer Journeys

Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with clients to map these journeys:

1.  Online product registration and guarantee management

2.  Lead generation through field service technicians

3.  Simplified telephone journeys for chargeable repair bookings

4. In-warranty service delivery

5.  Self-service enquiries

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