Contact Centre Quality Assurance

How Well Are You Delivering Your Service Vision?

Contact Centre Quality Assurance

Contact Centre Quality Assurance (QA) is a monitoring process that assesses the degree to which agreed standards are met in the channels in which you interact with your customers.

The standards you measure are clearly defined in your service delivery vision. They are tailored to your customers’ needs, reflect your brand values, and balance both business and consumer priorities.

Overall, Contact Centre Quality Assurance exists to enable you to deliver a consistently positive customer experience as efficiently as possible.

And, to evolve this in the light of contact monitoring and feedback from contact centre advisors and consumers.

10 Benefits of Contact Centre QA

Your Contact Centre QA is more than a system to ensure that customer contacts are logged, monitored, and analysed. It should also provide these benefits:

1.   Clear articulation of your service delivery vision

2.   Performance standards and processes to deliver your vision

3.   Systematic monitoring of customer contacts to assess adherence to standards

4.   Coaching and development plans for continuous learning and upskilling

5.   Routine collection of survey data to bring the voice of the customer into the business

6.    Root cause analysis to improve products and services

7.   Ensuring regulatory compliance – for example, GDPR, PCI, and FCA

8.   Audit trails for complaint resolution

9.   Enabling remote work and support to remote workers

10.  Improving the employee experience and the customer experience

How I Can Help With Your Contact Centre Quality Assurance

During the last 2 decades I’ve been fortunate to work on different aspects of contact centre quality assurance with these businesses:

Hotpoint Indesit, Domestic & General, Baxi, Hoover Candy, Electrolux, and Glen Dimplex

Contact centres are complex operating environments that are constantly evolving to meet changing customer needs.

Quality assurance provides a means to elevate the agent and customer experience.  Moreover, it also supports core contact centre functions such as enhancing advisor performance, improving staff engagement and retention, and increasing revenues.

Over the years, I’ve worked with managers and contact centre advisors to develop scorecards, feedback structures, training, and development plans.

As you go through this process, having an external sounding can be highly motivational.

In fact, many businesses find it beneficial to independently review processes on a regular basis.

In this way, you ensure that you continue to deliver your service vision as you launch new products, open new channels, and restructure teams.

Each client has slightly different approaches to contact centre quality assurance. As a result, I tailor my support to your particular needs.

To learn how I helped GDHV to upgrade their contact centre QA to match employee, customer and business needs please see this case study.

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