Direct to Consumer Sales

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Direct to Consumer Sales

Direct to consumer sales (D2C) is the practice of selling physical products, digital downloads, or services directly to your end customers without using third-party distributors, retailers, wholesalers, or other intermediaries.

The direct-to-consumer market has been growing at double-digit rates over the last decade driven by the boom in online and mobile eCommerce shopping.

Moreover, the pandemic has accelerated this growth further.

Indeed, consumers now expect to be able to buy your brands directly from you.

Clearly, it’s now the right time for direct to consumer.

7 Benefits of D2C Sales

By selling directly to the consumer you wrest ownership of your end customer from wholesalers and retailers.

In so doing you gain a deeper understanding of your consumers, build relationships based on your brand values, and create long-term value.

Additionally, direct-to-consumer provides the following benefits:

1.  Direct influence on product positioning and marketing

2.  Ability to sell more complete product ranges

3.  Up-selling, cross-selling and bundling opportunities

4.  Collection of marketing permissioned consumer data

5.  Testing of new business models such as subscriptions or pay per use

6.  Ability to create personalised experience

7.  Improved profit margins

4 Foundations for Successful D2C Sales

To be successful in D2C you need to be able to think like a consumer but act like a retailer.

Moreover, you must be able to fully own your relationship with your consumers and use it to build increased lifetime value.

These are the essential 4 foundations on which to build your D2C sales:

1.  Putting the consumer at the heart of your operations and monitoring customer experience as well as sales metrics

2.  Recruiting B2C skills into your marketing, sales, logistics, and customer service teams

3.  Implementing a 360-degree single customer view CRM system

4.  Measuring profitability on a fully costed basis at the consumer level

Additionally, you will have to overcome the 6 DTC blockers that stand between you and direct-to-consumer success.

How I Can Help You Develop Direct to Consumer Sales

Getting started with direct-to-consumer sales is a daunting prospect.

You may be wondering how to add one or more D2C sales channels to your B2B business without impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Perhaps, you may be pondering how to take full ownership of the consumer experience?

Or you’re not yet sure how to build D2C KPIs or measure profitability.

I can help you independently evaluate your key questions surrounding D2C sales.

Moreover, I can support you with the building of realistic business cases.

Finally, I can work with you to test approaches in the market so that you can confidently scale.

For more information on how to build a strong D2C business please read this recent article.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your D2C sales challenges, simply book a call.