Process Improvement

Are You Delivering Best Practice Customer Experience and Monetisation?

Process Improvement

Process improvement often begins by mapping existing business processes.

Next, these processes are benchmarked against best practice to identify performance gaps.

Finally, improvements are made to improve efficiency, user experience, and/or revenues.

How I Can Help With Your Service Processes

Firstly, a disclaimer.

I am not a Prince 2 Practitioner or a Six Sigma Blackbelt. Therefore, I won’t be able to help with fundamental issues with your business operating systems or processes.

Where I can help is in the specialist area of customer service interactions and monetisation.

I use my 20-year experience of projects within a number of leading home appliance and HVAC manufacturers to help you to assess objectively the processes that you use to manage consumer touchpoints.

You may be facing some or all of the following challenges:

  • Digital transformation of your customer journeys
  • Increasing contact centre efficiency
  • Improving sales conversions

If your objective is to remodel your processes to elevate your customer experience and maximise revenue generation, then please do contact me for a confidential discussion.

Process Improvement Successes

Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with clients to improve the following processes:

  1. Remote training programs
  2. Online product registration and guarantee management
  3. Online direct to consumer product portfolios and pricing
  4. Simplified telephone journeys for chargeable repair bookings
  5. Introduction of the “perfect call concept” for natural, seemingly unscripted customer care

Interested in learning more about process improvements to drive customer experience and revenues?

Want to discuss how I could help you?

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