5 Reasons Why Aftersales Must be More Than an Afterthought

10th February 2015Business Development

Aftersales not Afterthought

In many companies you would be forgiven for thinking that aftersales are often little more than an afterthought.

This is all the more surprising given that the prolonged recession has forced so many companies to re-examine their business models.

Organisations really should take more trouble to unlock the full potential of after markets.

After all:

1. It costs companies less to increase sales of spare parts, accessories and services than to acquire new customers for their core products

2. Revenue streams in the aftermarket last for as long as the products remain in use

3. Margins are generally higher than in the primary market boosting the bottom line

4. Aftersales enables companies to gain valuable insight into customers’ wants, needs and expectations. By supporting customers over the entire ownership cycle you can better improve and differentiate your core products. At the same time you can evolve the accompanying aftermarket services.

5. Direct involvement in the aftermarket drives customer experience and repeat purchase rates

So why don’t all businesses give aftersales the focus they deserve?

From my experience, some companies are still managing their aftersales support almost entirely from the point of view of cost minimisation. Unfortunately, this limits the quality of the services provided and stifles attempts to make money from them.

Others recognise the necessity to provide high quality products and services and even manage to deliver them efficiently, However, they fail to build the aftersales organisational structures to leverage them effectively.

There are still short sighted businesses that prefer to look almost exclusively at near term gains in their primary product markets, whilst ignoring the longer term benefits of their aftermarkets.

Of course, we should acknowledge that it takes time and money to put in place the people and processes to fully develop aftersales.

That said, the rewards in the long run are very well worthwhile. It is like finding buried treasure in your business plans.

In summary

Focusing on aftersales provides:

1. Increased profits

2. Greater customer lifetime value

3. Higher repeat sales rates

4. Improved customer insight

5. Competitive advantage

There is no better time than now to think more deeply about after sales opportunities.

So, here’s some more advice on how to make more money from aftersales service