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Change Management

Domestic & General is the UK’s leading specialist warranty provider, offering comprehensive product protection for millions of customers worldwide. The company’s primary focus is providing product protection for major domestic appliances and consumer electronic products. It provides extended warranty services for many major UK and international brands.  

The Business Challenge 

As part of its “Expect More” value creation plan, Domestic & General aimed to further develop its already strongly growing UK business. The key to the success of this plan was Domestic and General’s ability to influence its partners. Particularly appliance manufacturers.

The overriding objectives were to ensure they:

  • Actively offered the benefits of Domestic & General’s products in all channels
  • Consistently delivered great customer service at all points in the product lifecycle.  

Domestic & General appointed Chris Dunn Consulting to work alongside its own sales and marketing teams in an important change management project with a major white goods manufacturer.

This manufacturer had committed to upgrading its service commercial infrastructure in order to increase the effectiveness of its extended warranty programmes.  

How Chris Dunn Consulting helped Domestic & General

Leveraging existing knowledge of Domestic & General’s business model as well as expertise in successful manufacturer approaches to after-sales and service marketing, Chris Dunn Consulting:  

1. Carried out a deep dive on the customer journey, identifying areas for improvement within the manufacturer’s operation as well as at Domestic & General itself  

2. Submitted recommendations for product and process changes designed to improve customer satisfaction and sales conversion

3. Worked with the client and outsourced digital agencies to introduce a new service support website 

4. Provided ongoing commercial support to Domestic & General at a time of change   

The Business Benefits  

The new support section of the manufacturer’s website now provides consumers with a valuable online resource for appliance care and repair issues.

In addition, it showcases the services available to deal with these issues, including repair protection plans from Domestic & General.

The manufacturer has also introduced new marketing collateral to support Domestic & General’s product offering both at point of sale, and in the box with the appliance itself.

Following the adoption of the recommended process improvements for contact centres, sales conversions for Domestic & General’s Repair & Protect products have increased.

Recommended changes in other areas are currently also under consideration by Domestic & General and its client. 

Domestic & General’s Managing Director, Steve Purser, commented:  

“We brought Chris in to accelerate change with a valued client who is committed to develop its extended warranty business with us. Not only did Chris present some insightful recommendations, he actually worked together with us to implement them, bringing alive the value of our products and services whilst ensuring consumer needs were met.  

Chris helped us and our client to achieve some very ambitious growth targets during the second half of 2014 as well as supporting us in laying the foundations for further success in 2015”. 

Domestic & General’s Sales Director, Steve Purser

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