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Qualtex is a privately owned, online, and trade supplier of appliances, spare parts, and accessories for the home and garden. Qualtex was established in 1961 and is now a £30+ million global business supplying 40 countries, with overseas distribution centres in the USA, Australia, Denmark, and Ireland.  

The Business Challenge  

Over a period of more than 50 years Qualtex has earned a reputation for supplying OEM and high quality pattern parts at competitive prices with high levels of service to retailers and repairers throughout the UK.  

The trade market has undergone significant change over the past few years due to the growth of online direct to consumer sales and the consolidation of the repair industry.  

Qualtex needed to restructure its sales operations to adapt to these changes and continue to grow its market share.  

How Chris Dunn Consulting helped Qualtex  

Working closely with the Board, Chris Dunn Consulting:  

1. Carried out face to face customer interviews to identify the key competitive advantages of the business 

2. Evaluated the structure and performance of the internal and external sales teams

3. Introduced new processes to increase sales effectiveness  

4. Carried out an account rationalisation program to refocus on larger, more profitable customers

5. Developed a targeted approach to key account management  

6. Coached and mentored the sales team during a sustained period of business change

The Business Benefits 

Qualtex has gained new insight into its traditional market place. By changing its internal structures and processes it is better positioned to meet the current and future needs of its most important customers.  

By reducing the number of trade customers and targeting its resources on those businesses where it has a clear competitive advantage, Qualtex has not only increased its sales but also reduced its cost to serve.  

Finance Director, Richard Storah, commented:  

“With Chris on board, we’ve been able to increase the effectiveness of our sales organisation, develop our key accounts programme and grow our share of the trade market for finished products, parts, and consumables. We now have improved processes and reporting in place, and are set for continued growth into the future.” 

Finance Director, Richard Storah

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