Customers are increasingly well informed and becoming ever more demanding of companies who provide after sales and service in a world where the pace of business change is accelerating.

It pays to keep updated with news and views on developments in sales, service and business strategy.

That is why I created this free resources page and why I write a regular blog to share business insights with fellow sales and service professionals.

Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective on current business challenges, a quick “how to guide” or a template, you’ve come to the right place.

Download PDFs, listen to podcasts or view slideshares and videos. There is no need to register. All of these materials are free to use and to share.


How to Use Social Media for Business
How to Make the Most of LinkedIn
How to Build Your Own Wordpress Website for Free
How to Run a Direct Mail Campaign
How to Do Email Marketing Correctly
Advice on How to Use Direct Mail Effectively
5 Short Business Books Everyone Should Read
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10 Steps to Building a Product Support Business
7 Mistakes to Avoid If You Run a Contact Centre Sales Team
How to Build an Omni-Channel Sales Approach
A Guide to the Points You Must Cover in a Distributor Contract
Code of Conduct for Chris Dunn Consulting

Case Studies

Gauging Success
Expect More
Catalyst for Change
Business Change with Sales Success


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