Evaluated and benchmarked distributor performance – Spline

Business Coaching

Spline is the world’s leading manufacturer of spline gauges and master gears. Its products are used in gears and gear boxes and by the companies who manufacture them. Its customers include leading companies and their suppliers in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries, their OEMs and the precision engineering companies which support them. It sells to them both directly and through a network of value adding distributors throughout the world. 

The Business Challenge  

Spline operates in a niche global marketplace, manufacturing bespoke products and is reliant on its international distributors to provide sophisticated in country services such as marketing, prospecting, tendering, project management and quality certification. The majority of these distributors had been appointed some time ago and performance across the network was variable. At a time of potential growth, it was important to objectively assess relative distributor performance in order to maximise future business opportunities. 

How Chris Dunn Consulting Helped Spline Gauges  

Working closely with Spline’s Commercial Management Team, Chris Dunn Consulting:  

  • Developed a balanced scorecard to measure eight critical success factors, enabling Spline to benchmark its distributors and identify areas for improvement.  
  • Expanded the existing quotation log into a more complete sales pipeline management tool, enabling Spline to understand better its win loss ratio by product category and work proactively with its distributors to increase sales conversion rates. 
  • Produced a new distributor contract aligning terms and conditions and KPIs for new and existing distributors 

Value Creation  

Using the distributor scorecard, Spline has been able to objectively evaluate all distributors in its network. Based on this evaluation and the information from the sales forecasting tool, new KPIs have been agreed with distributors. The evaluation process has also identified a small number of distributors who are not capable of meeting the new performance standards and the scorecard is being used for profiling of potential new business partners 

Spline’s Managing Director, Malcolm Ryman, commented:  

“Chris worked very closely with us to develop customised tools to enable us to better evaluate and drive distributor performance. He took the time to really understand our business issues, remained focused on our needs throughout the project and delivered in a way that made implementation very straightforward” 

Spline’s Managing Director, Malcolm Ryman