If you are looking for a business coach or a consultant to help you with your business development, you have many options.

The best option is always to bring in a specialist. An expert who knows how to unlock value from your sales, after sales and service operations.

This is where Chris Dunn Consulting comes in. Based near Cambridge, I work with well known companies throughout the UK and beyond.

They use my expertise to help them to increase their revenues profitably and sustainably.  They also value the practical business development coaching that I provide as I work with their teams to build a solid platform for long term growth.

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am probably much like you: A business developer who believes in the power of the aftermarket to create brand value, customer loyalty and competitive advantage.

My career stretches back over 30 years during which time I have developed fast growing, profitable businesses serving B2B and B2C markets in the UK and internationally.

As Commercial Director at the UK’s leading home appliances manufacturer I had the opportunity to work with colleagues on turning a loss making service division into a highly profitable business unit.

I passionately believe that devising and implementing a winning sales and marketing strategy is a critical success factor for any manufacturer, retailer or service provider, whether your equipment is installed in consumers’ homes or on business premises.

Let me help you to increase the profitability of your aftermarkets and develop your services as a key differentiator for your business.

What I Do

What I Do

I bring value to you and your company by working with you as your trusted business advisor.

I understand your pain points and help you to drive business change to overcome them.

I identify opportunities to increase your revenues and margins.

Devising business growth strategies is important. Implementing them effectively is essential.

For this reason, I work alongside you and your team passing on my experience and expertise so that you develop your business more quickly and continue to grow long after our consultancy project has ended.

Whether you are looking for project management, consulting or business coaching, you can be absolutely sure that I will be totally committed to your success.

The quality of his work was excellent, executed in a speedy manner, demonstrating a very good grasp of the brief. Chris's energy and enthusiasm are a joy to behold

Malcolm Ryman, Managing Director, Spline Gauges

Who I Help

Who I Help

I work in both the B2B and B2C areas to help companies just like yours with your service business development.

Among the companies I am proud to have served are consumer durables companies such as Hoover Candy, product support businesses such as Domestic & General, retailers such as Dixons Carphone as well as manufacturing and service companies such as Spline Gauges and Promark.

Hoover client4 Domestic & General client1 promark spline

No matter how big or small your company, if you are intending to use service to power the growth engine of your business and boost your long term profitability, you can rely on me to help you to deliver extraordinary results.

You may not be the first to discover Chris Dunn Consulting, but you will be in good company.

His experience and integrity shone through. His passion and dedication drove the projects to be completed with great success

Garrett Keogh, Commercial Service Manager, Beko Plc

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